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Berbagai macam Roses Hand Bouquet yang pasti anda sukai

Choosing hand bouquets for your wedding can take a bit of work. Finding the perfect hand bouquet is essential, and unlike other types of flowers, you are likely going to want to see, touch and smell the flowers for yourself before you make your purchase. What's more, you want a professional making your bouquets because it is important that they not only look beautiful, but it is also important that they be well put together so that they can survive the rigor of your wedding day. There will be a lot of handling of the hand bouquets and it is vital that they stay together.

The first thing that you want to do when trying to decide which hand bouquet you are going to carry and that your brides maids are going to carry is to start looking at hand bouquets in magazines. You should cut out pictures of bouquets that you love and then cluster them by color, by flower type, arrangement, etc. This will give you an idea of what you find most appealing over and over again. Once you have narrowed down your choices, it is time to visit a florist.

Versailles Charm Hand Bouquet

The clear butterfly Hand Bouquet
A good florist will have a portfolio of the different hand bouquets he or she is good at making. They should also have a magazine of different bouquets whether they have designed it before or not. If your florist cannot make the flower bouquets that you want, then it will be well worth it to find a different florist to use. Additionally, you don't want to choose a florist at your first stop. Take the picture of the bouquets that you want for your wedding to several different florists and get a quote from them regarding price so that you can get the most flowers for your money.

Make sure that your florist does not mind if you check up with them periodically before the wedding to ensure that there are no problems with your flower delivery. It is your wedding and you have every right to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If your florist resents your follow up, then you may want to choose someone else to make your hand bouquets. Having perfection sometimes means checking up on the folks that you are paying to make your wedding day perfect.

Your hand bouquet should be a statement in your wedding and choosing the right one is important. Make sure you shop around, check online for reviews about each florist and then go with the one that makes you the most comfortable during the interview process.

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Shades of Love Hand Bouquet

Pulsing Hearts Hand Bouquet

Pink Lips Hand Bouquet

Little Bear Hand Bouquet



Glorious Luxury Hand Bouquet

Floral Rainbow Hand Bouquet

Enchanter Hand Bouquet

99 (50 Red & 49 Peach) Roses Hand Bouquet

99 (50 Red & 49 Champagne) Roses Hand Bouquet

99 (49 Purple & 50 White) Roses Hand Bouquet

99 (39 Peach, 60 Red) Roses Hand Bouquet

99 (15 White, 35 Peach & 49 Red) Roses Hand Bouquet

99 (3 Blue, 10 White, 40 Peach & 46 Red) Roses Hand Bouquet

99 (Peach & Red) Roses with Peach Roses arranged in heart shape tag Hand Bouquet

25 White & 25 Peach Roses Hand Bouquet

6 Purple & 6 White Roses Hand Bouquet

12 Red Roses & 12 Ferraro Roche Hand Bouquet

12 Red Roses with heart shape tag Hand Bouquet

12 Mixed Roses with Cordy line Foliage Hand Bouquet

12 Mixed Roses with Fabric at Center

12 Mixed Carnation Hand Bouquet

12 Black Roses with heart shape tag at Center

12 Black & 12 Blue Roses Hand Bouquet

9 Purple & 9 Yellow Roses Hand Bouquet

6 Peach & 6 White Roses Hand Bouquet

6 Blue & 6 White Roses Hand Bouquet

3 Peach Roses & 3 Ferraro Roche Hand Bouquet

3 Hot Pink & 3 White Roses Hand Bouquet


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