Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Foundation Photography Workshop Weekend Workshop 5-6 March 2011

” Every good building starts with a solid foundation “
“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.” –Ernst Haas

Workshop fotografi tingkat dasar:
* 2x pertemuan (2 Full Days Photo Workshop)

* 9am – 5pm

* When?
Saturday & Sunday – 5 & 6 March 2011
Workshop Outline:

Day 01
- Intro to DSLR Cameras and Photography

- Camera Wheels, Deals, and Decisions

- Getting to know your gear (SLR Camera, lenses, flash, etc)

- How to use Light Meter?

- How to read Histogram and know your exposure well.

- How to meter your exposure correctly! 6 vs 1 creative exposure technique.

- Aperture – What, Why, Where, and How

- Shutter Speed – Fast or Slow, Which Way to Go? (implying motion OR freezing moment)

- Case studies (Studi Kasus)

- Assignments + Hands on experience (practice)

Day 02

- Review previous lessons

- White Balance – It Can Be a Real Juggling Act

- Composition rules + How to break em or not

- Night / Low Light Photography

- ISO Settings and their Possibilities

- Let’s take it on the streets!

- Where to go from here? (Advanced Workshops)

- case studies (Studi Kasus)

- assignments + hands on exp


-Donny Kurniawan, ACMP, PPA, Wedding Photo Journalist Associate INT,

-Jonas Prakasa, Wedding Photographer, Fashion Photographer.

What you will get:

- Pengetahuan praktis dari real working photographers dan pengalaman mereka.

- Menjadi better photographer dalam 2 hari.

- Practical tips to enhance your photo skills + results.

- Practical photo-taking.

- Dapatkan total kontrol dan kepercayaan diri dalam Digital Photography – with both composition and exposure.

This workshop is designed to help you appreciate the different functions, controls and options in the exciting digital dimension.

We address good composition as well as the technical side and make the lessons fun and stimulating.

Kelas sangat terbatas, EARLY BIRD DISC dengan investasi sebesar Rp 1.800.000 menjadi NETT Rp 1.500.000 jika pembayaran dilakukan sebelum tanggal 18 February 2011.

- termasuk certificate

- termasuk workbook

- termasuk CD/DVD

Tiyasa Coffee & Resto Jl. Sulawesi 34 Surabaya.

Very limited seats available! BOOK NOW!

Info + Booking SMS or CALL ME:

Mentor Donny 081 552 99 99 9

Mentor Jonas 081 912 041 777


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